LuLaRoe Elegant and New DeAnne Dress

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lularoe elegant

LuLaRoe Elegant 2017


The new elegant collection from LuLaRoe will be arriving in shops this week!  Be ready for velvet, metallics and maybe feathers?!  The elegant collections is the LuLaRoe styles and fit we love, but more upscale fabrics for all those holiday gatherings.  Just like the regular LLR lines that are limited, so is the elegant line, and even more so.  Word has it, the DeAnne dress will be very hard to find.


elegant kids

lularoe elegant

lularoe elegant


The DeAnne Dress

Also launching with the elegant collection, is the DeAnne Dress and the Debbie dress.  The Debbie dress is a long sleeve Julia (who is not in this years elegant lineup).  The new DeAnne dress is LuLaRoe’s first wrap dress, sure to fit all figures.  The hand pleated skirt and upscale fabrics are going to cost you though.  MAP (minimum advertised pricing) is $140.


DeAnne dress

Debbie dress


Where To Buy


Looking to score some of these beauties?  Here are some of the Omaha consultant and what they ordered.


Amanda Rozell

  • Amelia, Cassie, Debbie, Joy, Sarah

LuLaRoe Cindy Hackwell

  • Amelia, Debbie, Cassie, Gigi and DeAnne

Jenna Olson

  • Amelia, Carly, Cassie, Joy, Sarah, and Shirley

Ali Granger

  • Debbie, Deanne, Cassie, Irma, Carly, Sarah

Akena Mitchell

  • Amelia, Carly, Sarah, Debbie, Joy, & DeAnne,

Lisa Stewart

  • Scarlett & Sariah

Sinead Solomon

  • DeAnne, Jill, Gigi, Amelia, Sarah, Debbie, Shirley

Erin Langenegger

  • Sarah

Courtney Anderson

  • Amelia, Carly, Irma, Gigi, Sarah, Joy, Jill, DeAnne, Debbie

Erica & Katie

  • Carly, Cassie, Gigi, Joy, Sarah & Shirley




Because of the nicer fabrics the pricing of the elegant collection is higher than the regular LLR.   Only 800-2500 pieces made per print.


elegant pricing


If you are still looking for Christmas leggings or Noir pieces, check my recent blogpost with Omaha consultants who carried them:


LuLaRoe holiday

lularoe noir



lularoe elegant

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