LuLaRoe Noir Collection

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Noir Collection


With all the bad press surrounding LuLaRoe lately, here is some good news.  LuLaRoe is announcing it’s first color collection: Noir.  This week consultants were able to order from the new all black collection.  The all black release will feature 18 different styles at normal MAP pricing.





When in Doubt, Wear Black

The release of this collection has been long overdue.  Everyone is on the hunt for the ultimate unicorn: black leggings.   Let’s face it, black is a staple in every wardrobe.  It goes with everything, and is very slimming.  In the 1920’s Coco Chanel invented the “little black dress” and women’s fashion was changed forever. Check out this post here, with 14 Reasons Black is the Only Color Worth Wearing


lularoe noir

lularoe noir

Where To Buy

On the hunt for a certain style and size?  Here is a list of Omaha consultants who ordered from the Noir Collection.

Kelly Bohlman

  •  Sarah, Carly, Nicole, Julia, Amelia, Cassie, Shirley, Perfect, Joy, Irma, Gigi, Lynnae, Classic, and TONS of leggings!

Courtney Anderson

  • GiGi, Classic T, Perfect T, Irma, Leggings, Joy, Sarah , Lynnae, Cassie
  • I’ll be having a BLACK FRIDAY in home sale in West Omaha

Cindy Hackwell

  • Kids leggings, TC2 leggings, Amelia, Cassie, Classic T, Gigi, Irma, Julia -all limited amounts & quantitiesz

Marissa Muth

  • Tc2, Amelia, Gigi, Tween

Kendra Powers

  • Sarah, Joy, Irma, Perfect, Classic, TC2 Leggings

Ali Granger

  • leggings all sizes, irma, carly, lynnae, classic, perfect

Kym Snarr

  • TC2, Amelia, Gigi, Lynnae, Classic

Tara Macoguillen

  • Tween and tc2 leggings, Classics Lynnaes and sarahs and perfects

Akena Mitchell

  • Leggings, Amelia’s, Gigi’s, Classic Tees, Lynnaes, Cassie’s,sarahs , Julia’s

Jenna Olson

  • Leggings. Cassies. Gigis. Perfect T

Dana Vowell

  • Leggings all sizes ,Amelia’s, Carly’s Cassie’s, Irma’s Lynnae’s Perfect T’s and ,Classic T’s

Amber Cole

  • Os Tc tc2 Lynnae Sarah Classic T Irma

Erica and Katie

  • Amelia, Carly, Julia, Cassie, Classic, Irma, Perfect, Gigi, Lynnae, Joy, Sarah, Leggings
  • We also have 1500 other amazing pieces in stock and holiday specials! Be sure to catch us LIVE

Lindsay Arrance

  • All but Nicole I believe

LuLaRoe with Amanda and Kayte

  • Carly, leggings, Cassie, Irma, Classic, Lynnae

Brittany Warby

  • Amelia, Julia, Carly, Perfect Tee, Classic Tee, Irma, Cassie, sarah, Leggings,

Deena Schares

  • Amelia, Classic, Lynnae, Nicole, Perfect, leggings, Gigi, Cassie, Julia

Holli Besse

  • Irma, OS, TC, TC2, perfects, Nicole, Carly, Julia’s.
  • I have some holiday stuff as well.


If you are still looking for Christmas shirts or leggings, some of the consultants on this list may still have some available!  Or check out these super fun ones on Amazon!


lularoe noir

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