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LuLaRoe has always used UPS for those big inventory boxes to consultants.  For LuLaRoe, it is probably the cheapest way for them to ship all those heavy boxes.  For the recipients, though, it’s a slow wait for those boxes, and I feel that UPS shipments are more targeted for being stolen.  I would also rather cut off my leg than have to ship/pick up anything at my local UPS store.  (I thought it would be a great idea to pickup my shipments during the holiday season to avoid anything being stolen.  It was not.)  So is LuLaRoe and UPS great for consultants? Let’s find out.


Yesterday an email went out to consultants announcing an exclusive discount for LuLaRoe consultants to use UPS for their shipping needs.  Wow, sounds like a nice perk, right?  I’m not so sure.  Unless I’m missing something, UPS is way more expensive than USPS, even with the discount.  The email said “shipping starting at $6.93”, they also charge a weekly fee if you want the packages picked up at your door.  With USPS, a padded flat rate mailer (what most consultants use for more than one item) is $6.50, and USPS will pick up the packages for free!

So, I’m really not sure how this is an “amazing discount program”.  Please enlighten me if I am missing something!

Shipping for Newbies

Navigating the world of shipping can be daunting for a first timer.  But, it is pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  Here are some resources for you and tips I learned along the way.

Sign up for a USPS account, this is great for customers too!  Then you can see tracking on anything coming to you.

Order padded flat rate mailers here  they are free!!

If you don’t ship enough to use or Shipping Easy , you can still get a discounted rate using PayPal.  Log in to your PayPal account, then use this link to get to the shipping page.

I highly recommend getting a thermal printer.  No need to worry about running out of ink.  This is one thing I wish I would have gotten right at the beginning.

I also liked having two sizes of poly mailers, in addition to flat rate bubble mailers.  The 10×13 for bigger items, that weigh less than a pound, and 6×9 ones for single pairs of leggings.


If you don’t sign up for right away(Free scale when you sign up), a shipping scale is a must. This one was cheap, and I still use it to send out freebies from my VIP Group.


If you are new to LuLaRoe, or thinking about joining, take a look at my previous blog post about all the items I liked and used when I was a consultant.  Again, if I’m missing something about this new partnership, please let me know!  But I think it’s important that consultants look at all their options before drinking the kool-aid.

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