Baby Foot Peel Review

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baby foot peel

Baby Foot Peel Review

I’m sure you’ve all seen the ads on Facebook.  The gross videos of an entire foot peeling!  I’m a picker by nature, so as gross as the videos were, they looked awesome too lol!  I decided to wait until summer started to try this product.  When we start going to the pool everyday, my feet take a beating.  Wearing sandals and walking on sizzling cement dries them out quick!  I never know if I can trust websites advertised on Facebook, so I found the same product on Amazon.  This is the one I got:


baby foot


I have to say, my feet were not as bad as they have been at times before.  Here is a pic of my feet before:

foot before


For $25.00, the kit comes with one pair of plastic booties filled with special sauce.  It’s a lavender scent, but wasn’t too powerful.  The directions say to soak your feet for 15 minutes, then put the booties on for an hour.  I read a lot of the reviews on Amazon so I could have the most success as possible.

I soaked my feet for around 30 minutes.  My helper kept trying to drink all the water!

baby foot peel


Next, pat your feet dry and put the booties on, and keep them on for an hour.  Per Amazon reviews, I put a pair of socks on over them.  Then figured since I wasn’t going anywhere for a while, I should get to work on the blanket for my daughter I started a few months ago!  I really should get this finished for her birthday, I’m such a slacker!

baby foot peel







When the time is up, wash your feet off, dry, and go about your business.  Again, after reading the reviews, I decided to soak my feet every day to get the peeling process going.  This is about3-4 day after the peel.  No real significant peeling.  I could really scrape the skin off my heel though.  And I was kinda not happy about the flaking on the top of my foot and ankles.  At the time, I didn’t have a foot pumice stone or I would have used it then.


foot peel review


Almost a week later, I still had had major flaking around my ankles and no super peeling like the awesome videos 🙁  .  I did finally get a pumice stone to get the rest of the dead skin off.  That worked really well.  I think if I do a foot peel again, I would leave it on longer than an hour, and possibly put some Vaseline or plastic wrap on the top of my foot/ankle.

In conclusion, at the price of $25 dollars, I would probably not do this peel again.  There are foot peels from other brands that have pretty good reviews too and are much less expensive.  I think I will give this one a try next.  Have you used any of these products?  Has anyone had the awesome peeling like in the ads?  Let us know!


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