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LuLaRoe’s Happiness Policy


Today LuLaRoe is rolling out a new “Happiness Policy“.     LuLaRoe’s Happiness Policy is going to even out the inconsistencies among retailers.  Every consultant has a different return/exchange policy.  Some won’t even take defective items back!  Now there is something you can do!

Universal Return/Exchange Policy

The first part of the Happiness policy is spelling out the policy in writing:

      “Our Return, Refund, Credit and Exchange Policies are Simple:

  • If at any time during the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied or happy with your purchase, please contact the Independent Fashion Retailer who sold you the product and provide your original purchase receipt to receive a full refund, credit or *exchange.
  • If at any time in the first 90 days you are not completely satisfied or happy with your purchase, please contact any Independent Fashion Retailer and provide your original purchase receipt to receive a credit or *exchange.  
  • Our policy applies to all unaltered LuLaRoe products sold to retail consumers in the United States by an authorized LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailer and excludes non-apparel and promotional items not sold at retail.
  • If your product has a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, you may be entitled to a return under our limited warranty. Please see our limited warranty for details.”

Use this link here to submit a claim if you cannot reach the consultant you bought from:  Happiness Policy

Make Good Program

LuLaRoe is also offering for a limited time a “Make Good Program” 

If you purchased an items from LLR between January 1st 2016 and April 24th 2017, you may be entitled to a refund/giftcard/replacement for defective workmanship.  This program will only be available until July 31st, so don’t wait to utilize this program.

To read more about this program click here.

What Does This Mean?

Wow!  This is great for consultants and consumers alike.  Consumers, you now have a company that backs up its products, and can feel safe buying something.  No more getting “stuck” with something that doesn’t fit or look great on you and worrying about how to unload it.  Consultants, finally, a uniform policy, and now a better feeling that LLR has your back too.  No more “my upline said this, my upline said that”!

I think this is a great step in the right direction for LuLaRoe for both customers and consultants!

lularoe happiness

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  • Dwight Glasby says:

    Wow, you really think it is great Lularoe leaves the financial expense of a policy they don’t back up to the independent retailer? Lularoe does NOT take those items returned back, the retailer has to eat it.
    The “Happiness Policy” is an attempt to redirect the bad rep from torn leggings stretched beyond capacity by those insisting they are OS instead of TC. Now Lularoe puts it ALL on the people buying their products to sell.
    Lularoe refuses to exchange or refund items purchased by consultants, example: 10 of same exact leggings sent in 1 shipment of 40, Lularoe refused to exchange. How can a consultant be expected to honor a ridiculous policy when corp doesn’t even take care of it’s own?
    Now it’s 30 days no questions asked? Sorry this is NOT good for consultants. The independent retailers set their own policies and thats how it should be. If a consumer doesn’t like it there are about 79,999 other retailers to search through.

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