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LuLaRoe Sales Tax

Chances are you’ve seen the class action suite shared millions of times on Facebook today, about how LuLaRoe has been charging sales tax to people who live in states that do not tax clothing.


Consultants knew last spring there was a problem with LuLaRoe sales tax.  But tax laws are hard to read and understand for non-professionals.   Just read the comments of the article, everyone thinks they know what they are talking about.

LuLaRoe had a couple of choices when it came to collecting taxes, they way they did it was not “illegal”, but maybe it was not ideal.  With LuLaRoe’s unprecedented rapid growth, problems are bound to arise, and consultants did have much of the tax issues explained to them during weekly home office calls.


LuLaRoe’s Solution

The good news is, LuLaRoe is currently rolling out a new sales system that will charge tax based off the customers state.  Consultants are right now switching over to the new system.   Of course, like everything new coming from LuLaRoe there will be some problems.  There have been some glitches consultants are seeing on their end.  I haven’t heard how customers are liking (or not liking) it yet.  Although, I bought something from another consultant yesterday, and the payment process was quick and easy.  My info must have already been in the system since I am/was a consultant.  No more putting in your shipping/billing info for EVERY order!

So, if you want your $35.00 back, write them a letter,  they will reimburse you for purchases they can prove, or you can join the class action suit and maybe get $25.00 back in a few years.

Update:  If you feel you would like a refund of taxes wrongly charged, you can email

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  • Heather says:

    Hello, I just wanted to give some information on this as I was someone that was taxed when I should not have been. It looks like LuLaRoe is correcting this as I went to check my credit card statement today and there were 154 returns on my card from LuLaRoe….about $450 I paid in taxes returned…..I was thrilled to see they corrected this for me. So if you’re owed a return on taxes paid keep an eye on your credit card statements as it may just show up 👍🏻😊💕

  • Amazing Post.Looking for such kind of mention for a long time.

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