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Looking for a LuLaRoe Catalog?

Looking to request a LuLaRoe catalog?  Sadly that is not how LuLaRoe works.  Every consultant receives different colors and patterns.  LuLaRoe only makes 5000 pieces of any print across all the styles, so you can imagine how many prints there are!

Tips for New Customers

So you keep getting invited, or added to LuLaRoe groups or parties, or your neighbor or niece started selling it. But you want to know a little more before you dive right in. This is the post for you! A guide to getting started down the rabbit hole that is LuLaRoe.  3 tips for new LuLaRoe customers.

First, the basic premise is, consultants all get different prints, and can carry different styles/sizes. Consultants never know what prints they are going to get, so, if you see something you love, get it! You never know if you will see it again in the size you want!

For more information, check out my blog post What Makes LuLaRoe Different, or see the founder’s story here.

Tip #1:  Find A Local Consultant

My number one recommendation to anyone new to the world of LuLaRoe, is to find a local consultant, most have regular shopping hours, or open houses. That way you can go try on everything, so you can find what sizes/styles work for you. It’s scary, dropping money on clothes you know nothing about, and most consultants won’t do returns, only exchanges.

 Here is a link to the LuLaRoe consultant map:

If you are local to Omaha, check out my Consultant Directory!

Once you know what styles/sizes you like, the world is yours! There are over 50,000 consultants now, all with different inventory! That’s a lot to choose from.

Tip #2:  How to Shop on Facebook… and Why?

If you are not shopping in person, most consultants sell in Facebook VIP groups. LuLaRoe corporate restricts where consultants can sell online.  They prefer consultants make personal connections with you.  Facebook and Periscope are the most common online avenues consultants choose.  Why these are acceptable and other websites aren’t, we’ll never know.

If you want to shop via Facebook, just use the FB search bar and put in “LuLaRoe” and your area, a bunch of groups should pop up. Most are private groups, so you will have to ask to join.  Whenever you join a new group, be sure to read the “pinned” post!!  I can’t stress that enough.  Every consultant runs her business a little differently, and has different shopping instructions, and return/exchange policies.  Most questions can be answered by reading the pinned post.


Consultants usually have set shopping times and will post all their inventory in Facebook albums in their group.


Once the album is selected, you will see all of the inventory available for the selected Style/Size.  When you find something you want to buy, just type “sold” or “mine” in the comment of that picture.  Some consultants will ask that you fill out a google form, or leave your email when you are done shopping.  Some also use Shop The Roe (I’ll explain Shop The Roe in a future post).  Then you will be sent an invoice to your email.  Super easy!

Tip #3:  Understanding LuLaRoe-ese

  • Unicorn- A “unicorn” is a print you just love, and have to have, and usually is hard to find.
  • MAP- This is the “suggested” (mandatory) pricing guidelines set by LuLaRoe.  Consultants cannot sell under MAP publicly.  LuLaRoe consultants may offer in-home discounts, but they cannot advertise or discount anywhere online.
  • Slinky, Silky, Stretchy, Jacquard, and Liverpool are just some of the fabrics and descriptions you might find.
  • PM- Facebook Private Message.  “PMing” your question will allow you to have a conversation privately with someone without everyone else seeing.

There is much more to the world of LuLaRoe, but it is SOOOO worth learning, and I hope this helps you get started.


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