All Hail the Instant Pot!!

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Being a Stay at home mom, and LuLaRoe Consultant, I’m all about things to help make your life easier.  Enter Amazon and all the gloriousness that is Amazon Prime.


One of the biggest time savers I have recently found is the Instant Pot.  This electric pressure cooker is not like stove top ones, your always afraid of exploding.  As easy as a crock-pot, but a quarter of the time.  I used to put a roast in the crockpot all day, now with the instant pot, it cooks in less than an hour!   And what I really love, is that if I need to sauté something before I really cook it, I can do it all in one pan!

Here are some tips I’ve learned when starting to use the pressure cooker:


  1. Close the vent.  When you put the food in, and the lid on, make sure the vent is closed (it is wobbly though) otherwise it will never get up to pressure and cook.
  2.   You need 1-2 cups of liquid.  It cooks your food with steam, so liquid is needed.
  3.   Either cut up large pieces of mead (roast), or put a layer of large cut up onions on the bottom.  If the pot does not feel enough liquid on the bottom because it is all covered by meat, it will not come up to pressure either.  The layer of onions get the liquid flowing under the meat.
  4. Recipes don’t actually include the time it takes to get up to pressure.  So a recipe says it takes only 15 minutes to cook meatballs, add another 10-15 min to account for getting up to pressure.


Over here at Once a Month Meals  there is an awesome tip, to freeze make ahead meals in a round container, so you can just throw it right in the pot frozen!

In my research on the instant pot, I also found out you can use your pot as a slow cooker.   You can get a glass lid , for those times , you are going to be gone all day and need a slow cooker.



Here is one of my family’s favorite recipes.  It’s originally for a slow-cooker, but was easily done in the instant pot.

Thanks to TESSLYNN at All Recipes for her Slow cooker Salisbury steak recipe.


Instant Pot



I do everything the same at the recipe states.  For cooking time, I set it on meat/stew for 15 minutes and do a natural release.  And bonus, only one dirty pan!

Check out my Pinterest page for more Instant Pot recipes




I hope this helps make dinnertime less hectic.  What other recipes do you like in the instant pot?

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