7 Tips To Be An Awesome LuLaRoe Hostess

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LuLaRoe Hostess

How to be a LuLaRoe Hostess

What could be better than FREE LuLaRoe?  LOTS of free LuLaRoe!  For that you need to be an awesome hostess.

Here are some tips to be the hostess with the mostess:

  1. Invite everyone you know!  Invite at the least, 30 people.  Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, little Suzie’s mom at school pickup.  The possibilities are endless.  Print invites and keep them in your purse to hand out when you are checking out with groceries, or in the Dr.’s office waiting room.
  2. Invite gets a second tip.  When inviting people to an online event, actually invite them.  Don’t just add them directly to the event/group without them knowing!  Nothing turns me off a product faster than getting added to a group without my knowing!
  3. Post pics of yourself in your LuLaRoe, and tell everyone you meet how much you love LuLaRoe.  When everyone sees how great you look, they will jump at an invite to your party!
  4. COMMENT, don’t just “like” all the posts your consultant makes in your Facebook event.
  5. A day or two before the event, call or text personal reminders.  Tell your friends you can’t wait to see them and catch up with them.  A personal touch is the difference between being a friend, and just trying to get sales.
  6. During the sale, tag guests in pictures of pieces they might like.  At in-home pop-ups, pick outfits out for your friends.  And be sure to try stuff on during parties too, show your guests how you feel in LuLaRoe.
  7. Have fun!!  Be yourself, it’s a party!  No boring speeches to sit through, no sales pitches.  Just have fun shopping with your friends!

With these tips, you are guaranteed to be an awesome hostess and earn tons of FREE LuLaRoe!

Want to put your new skills to the test?  Sign up to be a hostess for my Battle of the Hostess next week!  It’s going to be epic!  And will be the best way to get the first look at all that new inventory!!

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