LuLaRoe vs. Designer

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LuLaRoe vs Designer

I often get asked “why the high prices?  I can get shirts at Target”.   The simplest answer is quality.  LuLaRoe is very fashion forward.  You can find LuLaRoe styles at high end retailers for much more that the price of LuLaRoe.  LuLaRoe uses a multitude of fabrics, many of which are proprietary, that other companies would love to get their hands on.  Have you seen the Carly’s, Classic’s, and Amelia’s that come in Jacquard?  They are gorgeous!  There is also talk of a new suede-like fabric that has been recently released.


Revolutionary Fit

Along with quality is fit.  Most companies/designers make a pattern for a garment for a size 2 and just scale it to bigger sizes.   Patrick knowledge, Chief Designer/Merchant, does things differently.  He fits each size, on multiple women of each size!  It took 11 months to get everything perfect on the Carly dress.  And it was well worth it!  It looks great on everyone from size 0-26!!



Exclusivity is also key.  Target has 1,789 stores in the United States!  That means, if each store gets 10 size large shirts of one style, there are almost 18,000 women wearing that same shirt, and that is just one size!!

LuLaRoe only makes 5,000 units per print.  That is divided between multiple styles too.   Here is the math with a smaller , but more high end retailer:  Nordstrom has 334 stores, if each store gets 5 shirts of each size (8 sizes) , thats 13,000 of the same print floating out there.


Now check out the prices of LuLaRoe vs Designer brands:

lularoe julia


That dress from Saks was one of the lowest price ones too!


lularoe jill


The waistband on the Jill is comfortable, stylish, and fits multiple sizes.




Say what!?  That skirt is even on sale!!






So now when I get asked ,”why the high prices?”  I can assure customers of the quality, and the knowledge that the chances are low, of ever seeing someone else on the street with the same shirt.  You are going to get high end designer clothes at a quarter of the cost!


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