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So you’ve jumped into the world of direct sales. It’ll sell itself, just click a few pics, post a few posts, and once its up and running it won’t take much time. Yeah, right! Next thing you know, its 10 pm, you haven’t been to the store in a week, and the kids need twelve boxes of Kleenex for the first day of school!
Enter the wonderful world of Amazon!!   Even if I weren’t getting paid when you shop through my links, I would still sing the praises of Amazon!  Amazon really makes life easier.   There is just something magical about a huge box of diapers appearing on your doorstep the day you run out.

Do Yourself a Favor

First step to enlightenment is to sign up for Amazon Prime


If you are student, right now (March 2017) you can sign up for a student account and get the first 6 months free!  Amazon Prime Student is half the price of regular prime but you still get all the prime benefits.

Now on to all the awesomeness that is Amazon prime!

I can use Prime music to create playlists for my pop-ups.  I have separate lists for the kids, when I’m cleaning, and when I’m working out (haha!)

We use Amazon Instant Video  to watch TV shows and Movies.  Who has time to go to Red Box?  A lot of movies are included in Amazon Prime, but you can also rent/buy digital movies too!

To use Subscribe & Save you don’t need to be a prime member.  This is what I use to get diapers, wipes, batteries, fruit snacks and more auto shipped monthly.  It’s easy to change items if you need to skip a month also.

Prime Pantry  let’s you shop for regular sized grocery items instead of the larger packs Amazon usually carries.  Prime Pantry boxes have a $5.99 flat shipping fee, but you get a lot in those boxes!  They also usually run a promotion where when you buy 5 qualifying items, then shipping is free.

The newest addition to Amazon that I love is the Dash Buttons!

Put a Tide one on your washing machine, Cascade by your kitchen sink, Hefty in your pantry, diapers and wipes in the baby’s room, the list goes on and on with hundreds of brands to choose from!  You buy them for $4.99, then get that credit back the first time you use it.  There is also buyer protection, in case your kids decide to press it everyday!  You can set the notification so you can cancel an order before it ships.

Now coming from an avid couponer, I still sometimes cringe at the thought of paying full price for some Amazon items.  However, I have learned that my time with my family is much more important than saving a few bucks.  I still coupon and price match for my weekly grocery trips, but the days of scouring the ads and driving around town for the best price on diapers are gone!  My kids don’t care what kind of wipes I wipe their bums with or how much I spent on them, they just want to cuddle with me every day, and I am happy to oblige.

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