What Makes LuLaRoe Different?

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LuLaRoe IS different!  That’s what drew me to it.  I was finally able to find clothes that fit me (not a skinny gal! ), but were the same styles and patterns as the smaller sizes.

So, how can they do this, when big name clothing companies can’t seem to get this right?  Patrick Winget, LuLaRoe’s Chief Designer, puts in a lot of work to make it right.  Most companies fit a style on one size, then scale the pattern for each size.  LuLaRoe actually fits each size on a model.  So that means, each size is going to fit better.  It is a longer more labor intensive process, but the results are phenomenal!

lularoe patrick

LuLaRoe also chooses its styles carefully.  LuLaRoe will never choose a style that objectifies women.   Patrick’s mantra is “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

LuLaRoe originally started by having everything produced in the USA.  However with the rapid growth of the company, the USA was not able to keep up!  When they choose to outsource to other countries, they didn’t just go to the cheapest manufacturer.  They decided to make sure they chose factories that treated their employees fairly and had good working conditions.  The owners regularly travel to these factories to see the conditions, and how everything is being made.

One of the best reasons LuLaRoe is different is how giving they are!  They are always urging everyone to be a “day maker” or bless someone.  Always strive to make someone’s day.  Have you noticed how many giveaways consultants do?!  Because we want to make someones day!

Recently, while the owners and their family were in Guatemala, visiting the factory making the new Carly dress, they signed 10 tags.   We then learned, if a consultant received one of the signed Carly’s, we would get to choose someone in the Queue (waiting list to become a consultant), and they would receive their initial inventory for free!!   What an amazing gift….the gift of a small business!!

lularoe carly

I hope you love LuLaRoe as much as I do!  If you haven’t given it a try, contact me!  I’d love to help you out, weather online, or in person.  I love having people over to shop and try stuff on!

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