A Nice Rack. . . . and Other Must Haves for LuLaRoe Consultants.

For New Consultants

LuLaRoe has also exploded the last year! With so many new LuLaRoe consultants starting I thought I would share what products and services have worked the best for me!

First, I highly recommend an Amazon Prime membership:
Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial

Not only will you use this for you business, but your home life will greatly improve with it!  Can we say, no more midnight runs to the store for diapers!  Just the free two day shipping on tons of items pays for itself.  Heck, I get most of my Christmas shopping done with Amazon Prime.  Who’s got time to wade through the crowds at the mall?

While you are waiting for you initial inventory here are some items you can get so you are ready.

    • Collapsible Garment rack – These racks have held up very well.  They collapse easily for pop-up boutiques.  I recommend 3 or 4 to start with.
    •           IMG_6174
    • Velvet hangers – You will probably need at least 300 to start with.  Depending on how much you add on to your initial package.
    • Kids Hangers – If you plan on carrying any kids items, these are very nice.  Along with these clips for skirts.
    • Skirt Hangers – These have worked very well.
    • IKEA Totes – These work wonderfully for when you need to pack up your LLR for a pop-up boutique.  I have heard these also work well.  If you have an IKEA near you, they are cheaper there, but I have heard they are discontinuing them 🙁
    • Postal Scale – So much easier (and cheaper) to pay for postage online than at the P.O. I use Stamps.com.  When you sign up you can get a free scale from them.  But you can also use Shipping Easy, or PayPal to print labels.
    • Dress form – This size has worked great for me.  XXS Nicole’s and Cassie’s don’t fit well on her, but everything else works.

  • Polymailers –  For mailing out all those LuLa goodies!  Also get some padded flat rate mailers from the P.O.  Once you are over 15oz or so, it’s usually cheaper to send stuff priority in a flat rate mailer.
  • Legging Storage – I have something similar to this for my leggings.  They pack up great for pop-up boutiques, and I love the clear lid, so dust/animal hair stays out!
  •       IMG_7141
  • 3M command hooks – I love any product by 3M command!  I use them everywhere.  Hanging price lists, specials, bags.  Great for vendor events because they are so easy to remove.

Update!  I finally got myself a thermal printer, backdrop, and lighting.  Do yourself a favor and get the thermal printer first!!  I am so mad I waited so long to get this, it makes shipping a breeze!

Here are some items I don’t have yet, but are next on my list!

  • Photography Backdrop – for more professional looking pictures.  Yes, you have to take your own pictures of your entire inventory!
  • Lighting kit – I don’t always have access to great daylight!


New Update 2/2015:


With the new Bless system you will need an Apple product.  At the very least an iPod Touch (no 3G, only wi-fi), or an iPad, or iPhone.  An android version is in development, but no date as to when that will be released.  I personally use an iPhone anyway, and my iPhone 5 and 6s both have taken nice inventory photos.

If you plan on doing any live sales, number tags are a must.  These tags have the numbers normal and mirrored!

Don’t waste your money on:

  • Size markers –  I got “S” on half of my hangers before I gave up!  They are hard to pop on, and then you need to only put those sizes on those hangers.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • Size dividers – Trust me, most customers don’t put anything back right regardless of signs!

Some other things to think about.

Something nice to put in your packages to make you unique so customers remember you.  But still keeping in mind it needs to be cheap, you don’t want too much eating into your profits.  Customers even appreciate handwritten notes, or items wrapped in tissue paper.

I like to get candy, bookmarks, or bracelets from Oriental Trading Co.  (feel free to use my link for $10 off, and free shipping on orders over $49)

If you are going to do a lot of vendor events, some type of vinyl signage.  Either a long one to go on the front of a table, or a nice stand up one.



Having a few accessories for customers to use.  Some belts, scarves, and necklaces, go a long way in helping a customer envision the perfect outfit!

ok, maybe a few more than 5 things!  I hope I have not bombarded you with too much information, but maybe gave you some ideas you may not have thought about.

Good luck on your journey!

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